About us

Batty Al-Washahi Advocates and Legal Consultants (BALC) is a full-service law office that has enjoyed winning results and a first-rate reputation throughout Oman and beyond since its establishment. From our offices in the heart of Khuwair Area opposite to the majority of Government Ministries and close to the Court Complex, we offer a full range of corporate and commercial legal services, including but not limited to, dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration, employment, insurance& finance, company formation& restructuring, real estate, and tax among others.

Our aim is not only to succeed, but to do so efficiently. We are client-focused problem solvers. We value smart, cost-effective legal strategies. We consult closely with clients before taking action and expending resources. We emphasize quality over quantity in staffing our projects and, when needed, can draw upon the expertise of our diverse practice groups to create flexible and effective interdisciplinary teams. Effectiveness, skill, creativity, dedication, tenacity, flexibility and pragmatism are our hallmarks. These are the qualities that have won us the trust of clients for twenty-five years of experience in the Sultanate.

Legal Expertise

Innovating and reaching break throughs in deals is a forte of the partners and legal consultants of Batty Al Washahi. We have expertise in the following:

  1. Reviewing and Drafting of legal documents.
  2. Preparing clients’ cases for filling in front of the relevant courts of the Sultanate of Oman.
  3. Following up of legal procedures and its executions.
  4. Providing clients with all the necessary legal documentation, contracts and procedures dealing with Commercial Transactions.
  5. Participating and Assisting clients in Tenders as part of a Consortium or Independently.
  6. Advising in all steps of the Tender process as well as preparation of all contracts and legal advice necessary through the pre-Tender stage until the completion of the award of the Tender and all contractual obligations until its completion.
  7. Advising clients on the various options of Dispute Resolutions.
  8. Representing clients in Arbitration.
  9. Advising clients and proceeding to the formation and Registration of Companies with the relevant authorities and Ministries of the Sultanate of Oman.

Our credibility and reputation in the market place is well established and our lawyers are in high demand as lecturers, speakers in conferences, as well as distinguished writers in the legal field.

BL lawyers specialize in a range of legal areas including commercial law, labor law, ADR, banking and finance. Furthermore, BL has gained a reputation for their corporate commercial department in assisting all legal issues arising from company formation to all relevant contractual obligations. Our long-standing clients testify to the quality of our legal services as we continue to strive for excellent client service.

The Management

Our office is working to provide a wide scope of legal services through our team of specialized lawyers, consultants and paralegals who have vast legal experience.

Batty Al-Washahi
Issam El-din Khalil
Advocate, Legal Consultant & - International Arbitrator.
Riad Rouhani
Senior Attorney and Lecturer-Admitted to Oman and Qatar Bar.
Mennh Shaheen
Legal Manager
Shareef al Batsh
Salima Al Matani